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ImgU an easy way to share photos

Are you tired of spending time collecting photos from your attendees for your event? With ImgU you have the opportunity to collect photos from participants and possibly. photographers for your event without having to download an app. By a simple email or text message, the participants and the photographer can send their photos to the event. You can use the collected images to show directly during the event itself with ImgU’s built-in slide show, and of course you also have the option to download the images and save them. ImgU is a great way to share photos that also involve event participants. With ImgU’s built-in slide show, participants can stand together and have fun with all the good and fun photos that are taken during the event. The involvement of the participants makes the day better and more memorable for everyone. As a private person, ImgU is ideal for round birthdays, weddings, confirmations and other major parties. For business, ImgU is very useful for eg company parties or sporting events (eg OCR, Marathon etc.). With IMGU, only creativity sets limits.