How ImgU works

Let guests send images to your own slideshow using mail or SMS

Create event

Enter an event name, eg: "Bo30years" and your e-mail, to create an event

Share event

Your event will automatically be assigned an email and sms code. Share them with your attendees so they can submit their photos to your event

Show the pictures live

Your photos are collected in your online gallery, where you have the opportunity to make a live photo show of your participants' photos

ImgU features

Online photo gallery
We collect your guests' photos automatically

Skip the apps (App free)
Your participants can simply send an email or text message with the photo

Photos in live slideshow
Sent photos will automatically appear on your event

Full control
You control which images are displayed

Download pictures
You can download all your photos after the event

Share the pictures
You can easily share the photos with your guests


  • Confirmation party

  • Wedding

  • Birthdays

  • Baptism

  • Company events

  • Bachelor party

  • family gatherings

  • Digital Picture Frame

  • Info screen

Use IMGU for the next celebration. All guests have the option to send photo to your big screen, currently running with photos taken by your guests. That way, you get life and social entertainment for your event, which involves everyone. You can make games, or promise a prize for the funniest picture of the evening

What our users say

"I used IMGU for my confirmation, which was entertaining for both my guests and me. It was fun to see all the different photos that the guests had taken throughout the day. For the party we had a big screen which continuously showed the pictures our guests sent in during the evening and night. The many different pictures gave rise to many funny laughs. In addition, we also got our photographer to send the photos he took regularly, so everything was gathered.
The next day, I downloaded all the pictures and got away with having the pictures sent to me individually from each guest.

Camilla 14 years old.

Confirmation party
"Your product / tool is a hit and worked great despite many people"

Bank of Denmark

Christmas dinner
We used IMGU for a christmas dinner. It laid the foundation for a lot of laughing, joy and conversations. We displayed the slideshow on a wall with a projecttor, to let people see the running slideshow getting populated with a lot of funny party pictures throughout all evening and night.
We set up a slideshow to let people compete for the best picture that somehow also would illustrate the main purposes of the activities of our company. It was a fun way to engage the staff in the game. After the Christmas lunch, it was easy to download all the photos and share them with the company. "

Casper Founder and director of Trendshot ApS

Christmas dinner


  • Smartphone trasnlation test

    No, to contribute photos to the event, you just need equipment that can either send emails or MMS such as newer digital cameras, and older phones.
  • Is it possible to send text messages ?

    Yes, but you must attach the text message to an image. In the email subject field with the image, you can write a short message, that will displayed with the image.
  • Is there any difference between the pictures collected and downloaded from IMGU compared to the original on the guests' phone?

    No. We save the images in the same format and quality as the original. It is also this quality that you are allowed to download to your computer.
  • How can I share the pictures with others ?

    Under the menu "Your event" You will find the button "share event" Her You have 3 options 1) Copy a link to share with Your guests 2) Send direct invitation to all contributors of the event 3) Manually enter the emails of whom You wish to receive an invitation to view the pictures as guests.
  • Are there any restrictions on the number of photos I can receive for my event?

    No, there are no restrictions. We are at the forefront and are constantly expanding our storage space.
  • My event only starts in a few months, can I create the event before and test it out?

    After creation, your event will be active for as long as you wish. You can therefore easily create the event and upload some photos in advance.
  • I receive unwanted pictures, what can I do as an administrator?

    There are several initiatives. First of all, you can make the event "secret" as stated above. Additionally, you can see the sender by holding the mouse over the image. Then you can press: "senders" and block the desired sender / senders.
  • Can anyone send photos when they have the informed event email?

    Yes, but it is possible to make the event "secret" where the e-mail address is not displayed on the slideshow.
  • How long time can I expect to wait before my picture occurs in the running slideshow?

    Once You send Your picture it will be prioritized to be shown in the slideshow before pictures that have previously been shown. As such, usually You will see Your picture wihtin a timespan of 1-3 minutes. But it also depends on how many seconds the host has configured the slideshow to display every picture. Variation on waiting time before a new picture will be shown may occur. The size of the picture and the connectivity of Your device are also parameters that will affect delivery time. All pictures are queued into a fair share model called FIFO. (First in, Firstout).
  • I have sent an image to the stated email. What next ?

    You will receive a receipt on your email/MMS phone, if the image was sent correctly. Furthermore, your image will now have been saved to the event, and will be shown when the event slideshow is running.
  • What do I need to download to use IMGU?

    Nothing. IMGUuses methods that are already built into most equipment, such as e-mail or MMS if you have a phone on you.
  • How is IMGU different from other image sharing programs?

    IMGU kræver ingen software installation, app downloads, eller andre programmer. It all runs online on, and you can contribute photos via a simple e-mail or MMS.
  • Can you get the pictures downloaded to your own computer?

    Yes, with a single click on "save the pictures" you get all the pictures together in a .zip file, which can be easily opened on your machine.
  • How much does it cost to use IMGU?

    IMGUis free up to a certain limit As a newly launched concept in the beta stage, we will initially not take money to use IMGU
  • What personal information does IMGU require before I can start?

    All IMGUneeds is your personal email address when creating a new event. It therefore takes quite a few minutes before you are up and running
  • How long will the event with the photos be stored?

    The photos for each event will be stored for as long as you wish. An overview of all your events can be found in: "my events" tab.